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I believe it's important as creatives to have multiple outlets to explore and express ourselves. Outside of industrial design, I enjoy collage making, bullet journaling, writing, painting, curating Spotify playlists and learning about art/art history via museums, public art, and social media.

Lux Creative Review
Yearly Magazine Publications

I served for ASU Barrett, the Honors College's undergraduate review for three years. I was the Art Editor (2019-2021) for the Vol.16 & 17 publication and the Editor in Chief (2021-2022) for the most recent publication, Vol. 18. I was in charge of putting the Vol. 18 publication together. Each publication is available to view digitally here.

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Shoe inspiration 

Tanjiro from Demon Slayer (Anime)


I religiously update and use my Spotify. Music is where I find my focus, escape, and motivation. My record amount of time spent a year on Spotify is 89,108 minutes!

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